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ICAO Name JetA 100LL Status Days

ERA FBO Comodities

Buying and Selling Supplies
Commodity   Owner   Buy   Sell   Amount available   Max discount   Sell limit   Action  
Supplies ERA Aviation $5.10 $4.57 20355 Kg - 21780 Kg Buy
JetA Fuel ERA Aviation $1.12 $0.94 39445 Kg   19850 KG Buy
100LL Fuel ERA Aviation $1.41 $1.02 32998 Kg - 25000 Kg Buy

Use the Sell Limit column to determine how many Items the FBO will purchase.
The Sell column is how much we will pay for the Items.
Use the Amount Available to determine how many Items you can purchase from FBO.
The Buy column is how much we will charge you for the Items.

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